Who We Are

Suncrest Builders, Inc. is a full service Residential Building Contractor specializing in the Sustainable Design & Construction of Custom Single Family homes, Green Building Techniques, Energy Efficient Design, Structural Integrated Panels (SIP), Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) and other innovative technologies.

For over 20 years, we have been helping people in Northern Nevada turn their dreams in to their dream homes by leading the design-build team to create homes that are in step with our clients lifestyle and budget perimeters.

The Team

Greg Bischoff brings over 30 years of building experience in residential as well as commercial design and construction work to our business. He has designed many of the single family residences that Suncrest Builders, Inc. have built or re-built since 1994.

Vicki Bischoff is an Interior/Exterior Design Professional and Project Manager with more than 20 years of experience. Prior to work with Suncrest Builders, she was a project coordinator and then Vice President of Field Operations for a national executive portrait studio. Vicki has spent a lifetime coordinating teams to help insure beautiful creations.

Together, Greg and Vicki have developed a reputation for their creative design specializing in efficient use of space, creative use of materials and keen budget sensibility.

Mark Foreman brings 20 years of construction experience to the Suncrest Team. He was the superintendent for a large for residential and commercial firm for over 7 years, before moving on to a Project Management position. Mark joined Suncrest in 2013, after working for himself for 2 years. The addition of Mark to our team adds an additional layer of customer oversight and service to ensure that we are able to fill a full spectrum of our client’s needs, in house, in the most timely manor possible.

Our Work

Sustainable-Green Design &Construction

energy_star_4_0-logoThe most successful Sustainable-Green homes start from the designs that can offer “more with less”. Careful consideration to every detail, allows for homes that maximize usable space and comfort while minimizing the use of non-renewable resources. We rise to the challenge of getting even more, with even less, for every home we design-build. We hold Certificates of Instruction from CleanEdison in Solar Photovolaic as well as Solar Thermal 

logoSuncrest is a proud certified builder and partner with Envirohaven Corporation, offering hyper-efficient homes of 1600+ sf or 2000+ sf. designs. 

Our Services

Choose from any or all of our services.

Fee arrangements available by the hour, project, or percentage of project costs

Day 1 Planning

  • Residential building site consultation for Realtors and Homeowners
  • Assistance in the selection of and consultation with an Architect or Residential Designer
  • Budget and lifestyle Scope of Work development
  • Off-grid specialists

Professional Material Design Services

  • Streamline material selection process to ensure most efficient and effective use of time and material costs
  • Ensure a well-blended and balanced use of materials and budget
  • Custom Homes
  • Residential Remodels and Additions

Green Energy Efficient Building Design Consultation

  • Minimize the use of building materials
  • Minimize energy consumption supplied by non-renewable sources
  • Minimize lifetime maintenance costs
  • Maximize use of interior and exterior space
  • Maximize long term structural integrity

Project Accounting

  • Voucher Control
  • Project Billing Service
  • Lien Release Oversight
  • Expense Recording
  • Home Improvement Tax Deduction Record Preparation

Lender Liaison Service

Insurance Liaison Service for insured loss projects


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